10pcs Mermaid Makeup Brush Set Eye Make Up Brushes

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The brushes are made of nylon bristles, soft but not fluffy, won’t tear or irritate your skin. Suitable all types of skin, even sensitive skin. This brush set won’t shed, it will show your natural beauty and leave a flawless finish

Unique mermaid handle, beautiful and stylish. The contours are unti-slip and easy to hold. Perfect for the operating.

Easy to use and clean. You can wash and clean them just in cold water. Easy use brushes suitable for beginners.

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The following is a brief introduction: blooming brush: fluffy cylindrical shape Uses: priming, coloring, blooming is one of the most suitable brush types for eye socket color! The shorter the bristles are, the smaller the smudge area is. You can choose the brush type according to the size of your eye socket. The smudge brush can also be used as a nasal shadow brush to make the shadow more natural; it can also be used to blur the border around the lips and make the lip gloss more natural on the mouth. 2. Flat brush: tongue shape on the front and flat shape on the side Uses: eye socket priming, color pressing, small flat brush can be used to superimpose the key color of the eye, this brush shape has different sizes, and is most suitable for layering colors , You can also press the eye shadow or sequin color, because the flat brush can be solid color, if you choose artificial wool material, you can use it after dipping in water, so that the sequins are not easy to move on the eyelids and more color! However, it may produce sharper borders or color patches. You need to add more smudges. Small flat brushes are best for the end of the eyes. Use black or brown eye shadow as an eyeliner. It looks both spiritual and not harsh!


3. Elliptical loose brush: the front is nearly tongue-shaped, the side is fluffy, and the brush is formed into an elliptic cylinder. Uses: color smudge, suitable for transitional eyeshadow. Combined with the smudge brush to soften the border, and the flat brush color saturation characteristics It is best to transition the base color and the shadow color of the eye socket! After painting the eye makeup, it is also very suitable to use a clean oval loose brush to sort out the blooming borders and make your eye makeup more delicate.

4. Pencil brush: flames, cones Uses: darker end of eyes, lower eye shadow, brighten the eyes to draw the ends of the eyes can make the eye makeup more three-dimensional, not only increase the depth of the eyes, but also can be distinguished from the transitional colors; Apply makeup in a rolling way, and then smudge it with the original eyeshadow, it will make the eye makeup more natural! If it is used to brighten the eyes, because the ability to control the range is excellent, the sequins can be accurately colored, and even if the hand remains, it will not miss.

5. Flat-head smoke brush: The front hair is short and close to square, and the side is rich and flat. Uses: focus on coloring. The lower eye shadow can be used on the roots or tail of the eyelashes. It is also suitable for detailing of the eye and head, etc. The eyeliner and dark end of the eye are very natural. The shorter the bristles, the more color it develops. By adding layers in layers, increasing the emphasis on coloring will make the eye makeup more layered.


Brush Material: Synthetic Hair Place of Origin: Zhejiang,china
Brand name: OEM/ODM Model Number: IS-Z14
Use: face Use with Lip Liner, CONCEALER, Eyeliner, FOUNDATION, Lipstick
Item per set: 10pcs Handle Material: Plastic Handle
Style: Angular Blush, Fan Brush, Smudge Brush Product Name: Cosmetic Brushes
Type: Professional Brush Makeup Sets Usage: Ladies Makeup
Package: Customized Package Color As pictures we posted
Single package size:  20X15X7 cm Single gross weight: 0.120kg


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