40 color shadow eyeshadow glitter palette private label

Short Description:


*Case Size: 15cm(L)x10cm(W)x1cm(H)

*Colour: 40 colours include pearlized eyeshadow & matte eyeshadow,can meet your different makeup needs.


Mica, Titanium Dioxide, Simmondsia Chinensis(Jojoba) Extract, Dimethicone,

Citrus Grandis (Grapefruit) Seed Extract, Usnea Barbata (Wildcrafted Lichen) extract, Inulin;

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1, Cellphone size,Portable and convenient to carry

2, High quality ingredients with silky shine color,easy to make up,and can last for all day long

3, 40 Color. Rich and leading-the-trend colors,Colors range from white/cream colors for highlight to dark colors ideal for smoky eyes.

This palette has all the colors you need to recreate sophisticated or edgy looks for day and night, for different occasions, casual, party, wedding!

4, Very pigmented and vibrant, palettes includes matte and shimmer eye shadows, easy to match your look!

5, Perfect for both professional Salon or personal use!


Product name: 40 color shadow eyeshadow glitter palette  private label
Advantage: Accept Small Orders
Brand Name: OEM/ODM
Model:  IS-E40#1 /  E40#2
Characteristics: Long lasting
Suit for: Daily ,party ,makeup school ,stage ,Cosplay and so on
Function: Lady’s Eyes Beauty Makeup
Warranty: 3 years
Product volume: 15.5cm * 10.5cm * 1.3cm
Product weight: 96g
Colour 40 color eyeshadow

As a beginner, there are so many kinds of eyeshadows! The color matching of the eyeshadow palette is not good, the eyeshadow cannot be smudged, the eye shadow pen is not very good, and the eyeshadow powder… With so many small eyeshadows, how should a beginner choose? So many eyeshadows, how to choose?
Eye shadow block:
The eye shadow block is the most common one in our daily life. Generally, it is equipped with an eyeshadow palette, which is used as a daily makeup look. It contains pearlescent, matte, and sequins. There is also a separate color block in the form of powder, which is the eye shadow powder I will talk about below. The separate color block is generally a special color.
Advantages: easy to carry, easy to use, easy to color, more common on the market, easy to buy;
Disadvantages: fragile.
Suitable for any skin, matte texture, suitable for people with natural makeup effect, puffy eyes; pearly texture, higher saturation, makes the eyes look bumpy.
Eye shadow powder:
Eye shadow powder is generally a small bottle filled with eyeshadow powder, which is usually an individual with a special color. Many large sequins and small sequins with relatively small appearance appear on the market at the same time.
Advantages: many colors, wide selection, can bloom a rich sense of layering;
Disadvantages: students who are not very skilled in makeup, are not recommended. It is easy to smudge the face by grabbing too much at once. If it is used to practice hands, it does not matter.
Liquid eyeshadow:
Liquid eyeshadow is a relatively uncommon one, and a relatively popular eye shadow type in recent years.
Advantages: easy to use, more durable, high gloss;
Disadvantages: less color, less usage.
It is generally used to brighten the eyes, tails, and silkworms. There were fewer people who used liquid eye shadows in the past, but now more and more people learn to use liquid eye shadows through various beauty bloggers’ skill tutorials. Now~
Three kinds of eyeshadow can be chosen according to your favorite

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