Professional 54 Colors Eyeshadow Palette Makeup Maquiagem Beauty Palette Original Colors Make Up Eye Shadow

Short Description:

Brand New & High quality.

Portable size, easy to carry.

Suitable for professional use or home use.

Different colors makes different eye makeup

Ideal for making up precision definition and thickening effect

Feel light and soft, easily create clear and brilliant eye makeup finish。

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Tips for buying eye shadow:

In the long distance transportation turbulence, it is likely to lead to broken powder. 1-3 pieces will not affect the normal use, please be careful to purchase. We will make sure to check it carefully and carefully before delivery, and wrap it in bubble bags to avoid this kind of thing.


If unfortunately there are a few broken powder, please as the following methods to remedy:

1. Mix the powder and toner thoroughly

2. Press the powder down firmly

3. When the toner evaporates the next day, it’s a new eyeshadow


 Item Professional 54 Colors Eyeshadow Palette Makeup Maquiagem Beauty Palette Original Colors Make Up Eye Shadow
Ingredient: Chemical
 Color  54 colors
 Weight  0.14kg
 Feature  Waterproof
 Package  Paper box
 Warranty  3 years
 Function  beauty product
 Payment  T/T, Paypal, Western Union, MoneyGram, etc
 OEM  MOQ 200 pieces
 Our advantages    1. Best price after comparing few coorperated factories
 2. Exquisite quality, we choose high quality material on each parts ourselves
 3. Varied styles to enlarge your market

The finishing touch, the importance of eye shadow
It is used for make-up around the eyes, making it three-dimensional with color and shadow. Eyeshadows come in powder, stick, paste, lotion and pencil shapes. The colors are very diverse and can be divided into warm tones, cool tones and achromatic tones. Generally speaking, the primary role of eye shadow is to give the eye a three-dimensional effect, and to make the eye more tension through color.

For general life makeup, the three-color eye shadow box can basically cope with it. A dark color, a light color plus a main color. There are also many people who only use monochromatic eyeshadow, without the effect of mixed colors, to express the pure feeling of girls water. This is most common in the popular ”transparent makeup”.
Eye shadow is only a part of make-up, but it can also be seen from the entire popular style.                                                                                                                                                       Use monochromatic eyeshadow correctly

1. Brown: easy to coordinate skin tone, generous and natural, not very exciting, but not easy to make mistakes, neutral tone eyeshadow.
2. Light red: soft, no eyebrows, emphasizing bright and lovely eyes, it is a bright shade eye shadow, not suitable for women with slightly swollen eyes.
3. Purple: It has a sense of mystery, which can increase the charm of the eyes, noble, cold and arrogant. For women with whiter skin, use it with yellow and black complexions. It is a dark eye shadow with a contrasting color.
4. Blue: It can be used as a decorative color, only for embellishment, not for large areas. It is a contrasting color eye shadow.
5. Yellow: It can be used as decorative color, which is easy to apply. It is a soft and bright eye shadow.
6. Green: young, energetic and fresh, suitable for small areas of spotting, jumping color neutral color eye shadow.
7. Gray: To a certain extent, it can strongly emphasize the structure of changing the eye shape.
8. Yellow-green and gray: A light yellow-green eye shadow is applied to the head and end of the eye to make people feel uneasy and pregnant. The gray eye shadow is smeared at the end of the eye, and the middle is hazy, fresh and youthful.
9. Gold and Brown: Brush the eyes and ends of the eyes with brown, and brush a large amount of gold in the center of the eyelids, and extend to the ends of the eyes to give a three-dimensional effect.
10. Earth color: very expensive, fashionable and not exaggerated. It is very suitable for clothes. It is not wrong to try earth color eye shadow on any occasion.

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